Poolside was created by Carrie Ford Hilliker of ford/visuals to support people choosing to something with their life that truly inspires them every day. A life that’s a little bit sweeter. A life with more adventure, connection, fun and satisfaction.

Work Poolside

Poolside is the project you keep bringing up over wine with friends. It’s what you wish your day *actually* looked like. It’s the thing that lights you up. It’s the idea you’ve been working or talking about for years. Or it’s the business you’re already running, but wish wasn’t running you. Your Poolside may involve travel, or working from the perfect home office, or literally working poolside. Or maybe you want to make a change so you can simply enjoy more time with your family, or just have a freaking life. 

Choosing Poolside is about taking steps to ensure the quality of your much too short, beautiful life.


Let's get your idea off that stack of bar napkins. 


Expedited, On-Point Brand Development

Poolside is an eight-week, expedited, streamlined brand development offering. After two months you are left with gorgeous digitally-tangible products so you can literally get down to business. Welcome to freedom.

No matter where you are in the process, you won’t be able to get much farther without bringing an idea into the real world. We will help you draw the story of your service or idea and give it a face. We help you share your voice.  

With the carefully crafted tools that we offer, you will be empowered and encouraged to get that much closer to your own personal sense of freedom. 

Let's be honest, your biggest challenge isn’t the idea, it’s the details. Get started. Keep things moving. Our strict scheduling, disciplined action items and our core value of belief in support will get you there. 


Working Poolside means you're committed to stepping out of your 'normal' in order to build something meaningful and life-affirming for yourself. It means you're passionate and enthusiastic about changing your life.


How does it work?

We ask questions. We listen. We research you, your story, your goals, your ideas. We explore the marketplace you’re entering or are already working within. We craft your brand package. We bring it to life. And then we hand it off to you to work your magic.

In a nutshell, we provide direction, guidance, discipline and motivation to help you get over the hump from idea to ideation.


After you work Poolside, you won’t be stumbling over how to explain your service, product or business. You will be ready to rock it.


The Details

Eight Weeks. $8500. 

The first month is all about getting the guts of your brand built.
The second is all about production and fine-tuning.


Brand Personality Statement:
This is the foundation for your brand, the guts, the heart, the center, the information that everything else revolves around. The information you can always turn back to when you’re not sure whether or not you’re on brand.

Customized Identity Package:
This includes colors, patterns, fonts, photography styles, and any other visual elements that make your brand yours.

Marketing Messaging:
We’ll craft multiple marketing messages that are true to your brand personality. We’ll use them on your website, but you can use them in various other marketing materials, emails, etc.

Business Card Design:
Moo.com is our recommended business card printer because their work is gorgeous, they’re design-focused and always ahead of the game. We’ll create designs using their templates for you to upload when you place your order.

Mobile-Friendly Website:
We’ll design and build your site using the incredily beautiful, functional and easy to use Squarespace. It will be sophisticated, professional and gorgeous. (Are you a WordPress person? No problem. We work with WP every day. Unfortunately it's not a part of the Poolside offering, but can still help. Just drop us a note and we'll talk)

We’ll send over training documents for you to review as you start interacting and living with your website. We’ll encourage you to do this before launch so we can work through any of your questions together.

Social Media:
In addition to creating graphics for Facebook and Twitter, we’ll make suggestions and recommendations on your best approach to Social Media in general. What to post, when to post and what language to use that best gels with your brand.

Unofficial Ongoing Support:
After your brand is live, you’re not flying solo. Feel free to drop us a note with questions any time. If your request is too big for a quick reply, we can talk about pricing or refer you to a service relevant to what you’re looking for.


Jumping is a little terrifying and a lot exhilarating. Let's do it right. Let's make sure you don’t wake up a year from now in the same office or cubicle. 


The Catch

There truly isn’t one. Think of us as the Warby Parker of brand-building. We have created an affordable solution for clients by streamlining our processes and resources. We don’t cut corners. Our process is clear, transparent, structured, and effective.

Carrie, the found of Poolside and Ford/Visuals has been building brands across industries from fashion to software for over fifteen years.

Click here to learn more about Ford/Visuals' clients.  

Our goal is to work with more of the people that inspire us. The hope is that Poolside is just what you need. 


You’ve got nothing to lose but more time thinking about what you’d rather be doing. 


Our Clients' Words...

“Carrie is one of my favorite designers and branders. I’ve used her work on several projects.  I highly regard her sensibility and taste and skill set.” Entertainment Executive

“Ford/Visuals was instrumental in the web and brand redesign that I recently undertook. Working with Carrie was an absolute pleasure and a total success: her design sense, aesthetic and commercial instincts are spot on.” Adventure Travel Executive

“I know you keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening and have a practical get-it-done approach.” Advertising Executive

“Carrie is a branding goddess with a keen eye for style and design. I’ve worked closely with her for years and I trust her implicitly. I’ve also recommended her many times to other companies.”  Fitness Entrepreneur


Let’s get you Poolside.


We serve a limited number of Poolsiders each month in order to ensure everyone gets the attention and time they deserve from our team.

We are now accepting a reservations for October 2013 (only three left), November 2013, January 2014 and February 2014. 

Snag your spot now.