What is Poolside? 
Poolside is freedom.

Poolside is the project you keep bringing up over wine with friends. It’s what you wish your day actually looked like. It’s the thing that lights you up. It’s the idea you’ve been working on or talking about for years. 

Working Poolside is about living the life you want to live. Bending the rules. Breaking out of ruts. It is about adventure and exploration, regardless whether or not you leave home. 

Your Poolside may involve travel, or working from the perfect home office, or literally working poolside. Or maybe you want to make a change in your career so you can simply enjoy more time with your family, or just have a freaking life. 

Everyone's Poolside looks different, but it is always rooted in the same concept: You believe that you can live the life that you truly want to live. Whether it's family-filled or monastic, nomadic or luxurious, it's yours.


Perhaps you're starting a new venture. Maybe you're upgrading your personal brand.  Or you could be changing gears entirely. No matter where you stand, Poolside's brand-building bundles and a la carte services not only give you the tools you need to launch, but the support, strategy and resources to grow. 


Our Process is built on equal parts intuition, research and momentum. 

First, we ask questions. We listen. Then, once we've gathered as much as we need, we delve into your story, your goals, your ideas.  We explore the marketplace you’re entering or are already working within.  Once we get started, we keep each project moving steadily with scheduling and core value of support so your brand comes to life in record time. 

With a game plan in hand, you're ready to work your magic. Poolside is for creative people choosing to live an inspired life on their own terms.